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  • Standard Sieve Bend Screen
  • Standard Sieve Bend Screen
  • Standard Sieve Bend Screen
Product Name:

Standard Sieve Bend Screen

Product features

Wedge wire sieve bends are made of stainless steel wedge wires. They are consist of a concave curved profile wire screen, which are inserted into a stainless steel frame. The wedge wire sieve bends are manufactured by wrapping and welding stainless steel V-shaped profile wire and support rods. Then the panel screens are cutting and curved into arc screen. The wedge wire sieve bends have continuous slots, which has efficient filtering performance. Forces exerted as materials flows against the curved surface, curved screen structure has better filtering and greater capacity than the wedge wire screen panel.

● Panel width: 2000 mm.

● Arc length: 1885 mm.

● Angle: 60°.

● Slot size: 0.5 mm.

● Profile wire: 1.8 mm × 4.5 mm.

● Support bar: 2 mm × 9.5 mm.

Sieve Bend Screen

Product Parameter

Length RangeUp to 6000mm
Width RangeUp to 6000mm
Slot Range20 micron to 3000 micron (Tolerance:+-5 micron)
Wedge Wire0.5x1.50.75x1.51x21.5x2.52x32x43x5
Support Rod1.5x2.52x31.5x2.52x31.5*2.52x32x33*53x53x54*65*8
Angle90°,120°,140°,150°,160° ,180°etc.
Arc height10mm,15mm,20mm,50mm or depend on you size of screen panel.
FrameNo frame or ” L” type frame, ordinary frame, 5*10mm frame etc, according to your request.

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