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Product Name:

Wire Mesh Cone Strainer Filter

Product features

Woven Wire Mesh Cone Filter

Customized Conical Strainer

Wire Mesh Cone Filter

Product Parameter

YMX Filters manufacturers Cone Filters and Cone Strainers. The cone filters are usually a temporary pipe line filter. These temporary pipeline strainers are an economical and efficient alternative to inline Y or basket strainers and a cost-effective solution for startup applications.


YMX Filters fabricates temporary cone, basket and plate strainers from heavy gauge perforated plate, woven wire mesh, and photo etched filter screens. Our material types are really versatile to meet customers’ different filter applications. They can be customized with or without stainless wire mesh to filter out even the smallest of particles.  We offer a large variety of mesh sizes, from 8 mesh up to 400 mesh. Depending on the direction of the flow, the wire mesh can be added to the inside or outside of the basket or conical temporary strainer.  Temporary conical or basket strainers can be manufactured to any length, diameter from carbon steel or any stainless grade. 

How to Order a Customized Filter from YMX Filters?
Mesh TypePerforated Metal, Sintered Mesh, Woven Mesh, Photo Etched Metal, Plastic Nets, etc.
Material TypeStainless Steel 302, 304, 316, 316L, Monel, Galvanized Materials, Plastic, etc.
Filter TypeCone Filter and Strainers, Filter Baskets, Tubes, Washers, Filter Discs, etc.
DrawingsA detailed drawing is good way for us to understand your product.
SamplesA sample is the best to help make a exactly same or better product for you.

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