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Product Name:

Temporary Cone Strainer

Product features

The Temporary Strainers are used in pipelines for a short time during activities such as commissioning or start up, to remove sediment and debris, thus prevent damage to gauges, pumps, control valves, flow meters and other process equipment.

The Temporary Strainer can be used in steam, water, oil or gas service, and are installed between two flanges for quick protection of equipment.  They can be constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel, and are used either temporarily, or where cost is of prime importance. 

YMX Filters manufacture temporary strainers in Cone Type (TC), Basket Type (TB), and Plate Type (TP).The Temporary Strainers are usually made of perforated steel screens, and in many cases lined with a suitable woven mesh inside or outside. For high-pressure applications, horizontal and vertical reinforcing bars can be added in the structure to provide additional strength. 

Temporary Cone Strainer

Product Parameter

Usual Sizes: Usually the fabricated conical strainers or basket strainers are from 2” to 24” (larger sizes are available)Unless otherwise specified, a 1/8" perforated 304 stainless steel screen will be supplied with 150% open area.  100% and 200% open area designs are also available upon request.  Other perforated metal sizes and meshes are available to fit for different fluid flow rates and volumes. The handles or the identifier tags are normally 3" long by 1" wide. But we could adjust the size of the handle or identifier tags according to different projects. 

Materials available: SS 304, SS316, SS316L, CARBON STEEL


    ANSI Class 150, 300, or 600

    Perforations from 1/32" to 1/2" diameter

    Mesh Liners of 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 (best with basket strainers) 

    Stainless steel or Monel construction 

Main Function:   To use in new pipeline start-up service

                           Line flushing after any modification work

                           Protection device to avoid damage to the pumps, gauges, meters, and other equipments

Application Fields: 

    Process Industry   Water and Waste Water Treatment

    Power Industry     Pulp and Paper

    Marine                  Chemical Industry

    Oil and Gas           Steel Mills           Metals and Mining


Temporary Cone Strainer

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