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Air conditioning filter maintenance tips

Jul. 28, 2019

Air conditioning filter maintenance tips shared by custom metal screen supplier.

Ac filter maintenance is very important for air conditioning unit, because it directly affects the degree of clean indoor air, so do the daily maintenance of ac filter is a key part of the central air conditioning unit maintenance. For the early effect and the effect of the air conditioning clean screen pack we should do it at least once a month, if the dust is more need to shorten the cleaning cycle, efficient air conditioning screen pack should be in accordance with the requirements for clean timely replacement.

Air conditioning filter screen cleaning should be used under 40 degrees of warm water, cleaning can not rub, when the air filter is dirty, we can use neutral detergent decontamination treatment, if the air filter is not very dirty, we can directly use water to clean.


After the air conditioning filter screen supplied by custom screen mesh manufacturer is cleaned, the water on the top is not enough to dry, and then put into the central air conditioning unit, in the air filter installation should pay attention to the air flow surface positive and negative, and strictly in accordance with the correct requirements for installation.

First we pour boiling water into the basin, and then go toward inside pour point right amount edible baking soda, stir to dissolve the water and baking soda, put the filter in the basin, big on 15 minutes, then the scrub with an old toothbrush or steel wire ball filter, on the surface of the oil is very easy to scrub down, than use the detergent do?

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