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Cleaning construction method for Y type filter

Jul. 19, 2019

Cleaning construction method for fan coil Y filter shared by Kitchen Sink Strainer supplier.

1. Close the inlet and outlet valve of chilled water of fan coil. Open the fan coil exhaust valve to drain water:

A. The discharge of the exhaust valve from large to small to anhydrous indicates that the inlet and outlet of chilled water are intact, and the second step can be continued;

B. The exhaust valve does not get out of water, and the exhaust valve may be blocked. Open the chilled water inlet valve and flush it out to remove dirt;

C. Continuous water discharge from the exhaust valve may lead to the possibility that the valve is not closed tightly. Tighten the frozen water and enter and exit the valve. Tighten the frozen water in and out of the valve, still water, indicating that the valve is bad, report to the supervisor.

2. Cut the insulation layer of y-type filter, open the screw cover of y-type filter, connect water with a container, and take out the filter. Open the outlet valve of chilled water, use the backwater pressure to backwash the waste in the heat sink until the water is out, and then close the outlet valve, install the filter after cleaning, and close the screw cover.

3. First open the chilled water inlet valve to exhaust the exhaust valve until the outlet valve grows out of water, and then tighten the drain screw of the exhaust valve to open the chilled water outlet valve.

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4. Check the connection points of each valve for leakage.

A. No leakage, restore y-type filter insulation immediately;

6. If there is leakage, repair or treat the leakage point. And restore Y - type filter insulation layer.

5. Check the wind condition

A. Check the coil motor to determine whether the motor speed is normal, temperature is normal and sound is normal. Report any abnormality to relevant personnel immediately;

B. Check and clean the air filter and return air filter to ensure clean and smooth ventilation.

6. Check the discharge of condensed water. Remove dirt from the water tray and check whether the water outlet of the water tray is blocked. Water tray water, the most likely to produce algae sustenance, blocking the outlet, or even out of the pipe. If there's an algae bloom.

A. be sure to wipe thoroughly with a cloth. If the condensate outlet pipe is blocked by vitals, use the waste metal textile hose and blow it out.

B. Installation of water tray requires low outlet end to facilitate drainage. If there is water, check the height of the outlet end and adjust it. If it is difficult to adjust or there are other reasons, report to relevant personnel

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply custom screen mesh for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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