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Product Name:

Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

Product features

According to the purity of the material, the nickel wires could be classified into different types, such as the N2, N4, N6 and N8. The YMX Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd can produce Pure nickel wire mesh with high purity not less than 99%. The nickel woven wire mesh features in excellent corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, heat resistance, wear resistance. Nickel wire mesh or low-alloy nickel woven wire mesh could be used in chemical processing because of its resistance to various chemicals including acid and alkali. It is also used in the electronics due to its high electrical conductivity. The Nickel wire can be also used in the heat exchange due to its thermal conductivity and ductility.

Features of the Nickel Wire Mesh
Excellent corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.
High electrical conductivity.
Thermal conductivity and ductility.
Heat resistance.Wear resistance.


Application of the Nickel Wire Mesh
Widely used as the filtration materials in the mining, oil, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machine and other fields.has high electrical conductivity, so it can be used in the electronics. can be used for battery production.

Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

Product Parameter

Material:Pure Nickel N2,N4,N6 WireWeave:Plain Weave,Twill Weave,Dutch Weave
Mesh Count:1-400Roll Width:0.914m,1m,1.2m,can Cut Into Small Pieces As Required
Roll Length:Usually 30m,can Be CustomizedSample:Available
Feature:Acid-resisting, Alkali-resisting, Heat-resisting And Wear-resisting.Usage:Commonly Used In Chemical Plant Filtering,laboratory Filtering,screening Etc

Chemical composistion

GradeNi+CoCuSiMnCMgSFeImpurity Sum


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