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The Meaning And Anticorrosion Method Of Wire Screen

Nov. 22, 2019

We are a wire screen supplier. Wire screen is a combination of metal and wire mesh. Wire mainly refers to the wire made of metal and non-metal materials. Wire screen is a kind of wire woven into different shapes, densities, and specifications according to the needs.

Wire Screen

The wire screen is made of steel wire and copper wire. The wire has thickness, mesh has size and specification, and there are many kinds. It is customary to call the big hole of thick wire as "mesh", the middle hole of the middle line as yarn, and the small hole of fine wire as cloth. When indicating the specifications, it is customary to calculate the mesh size if the mesh hole is more than 1 / 8 "or 1 / 8", and the hole number per inch if the mesh hole is less than 1 / 8 ", but it also indicates the line diameter and number.

Wire Screen

Wire screen is made of steel wire, copper wire or other metal wire. According to the diameter of the wire and the size of the wire screen hole, there are usually the following terms:

The diameter and mesh of the wire screen are large, such as steel wire screen;

The diameter and eyelet of wire are medium, such as wire gauze (window gauze);

The diameter and eyelet of the wire are small, such as copper wire cloth.

There are many patterns of wire mesh, the most common are square hole plain weave and square hole twill weave. In addition, there are diamond-shaped holes, hexagonal holes and so on.

Anticorrosion method of wire basket:

Wire Baskets

1. It is easy to rust the wire basket when it is placed in a dry and humid environment;

2. Place in a clean place, do not contact with alkaline or acidic objects, and avoid corrosion of wire basket;

3. The storage place should be ventilated frequently;

4. After the board and other supporting items are placed on the ground, the wire basket shall not be placed directly on the ground, which is easy to be corroded;

5. The iron wire basket shall not be piled up too much to avoid the deformation caused by the excessive bearing pressure below;

Only when the wire basket is stored in the right way can the quality be guaranteed and the storage time belongs.

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