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How the surface of the filter is processed?

Aug. 23, 2019

Said to etch filter may have a lot of friends is not particularly understand, in fact, the etching in life we often use filter products, custom metal screen supplier for everybody here enumerated instances, one of the most common life hole plate mesh of the teapot is the concrete application of etching process, you will find that the product appearance is very light, so the surface is how to deal with processed? Today I'm here to give you a brief introduction.

Etching the cause of the filter name named mainly because of the special production craft, stainless steel plate by means of chemical etching the ideal pattern or mesh technology. A: mesh round, uniform arrangement, filtering effect, uniform etching screen besides is widely applied in filter industry, electronics industry has used the technology for data.

It is widely used in IC printing, fluorescent screen electronic grating, precise filtering, microelectrode element, etc. No matter what industry it is used in, etched Stainless Steel Welded Mesh surface is always special bright, mainly in the following three ways.

Bath Tub Kitchen Sink Strainer

Bath Tub Kitchen Sink Strainer

Surface color whitening treatment; Precision etching products in machining process, after rolled plate, edge, welding or through artificial surface fire heating processing, producing black oxide coating. The solid film of oxide skin mainly NiCr2O4 and NiF two EO4 composition, commonly before strong hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid corrosion method is used to remove. But this method cost, environmental pollution, harmful to human body, corrosion resistance, be being washed out gradually.

Surface mirror brightness treatment; According to the complexity of precision etching products and the requirements of users, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods can be used to achieve mirror luster. This is the most widely used surface treatment method.

In addition to surface brightness, it can also be used for Stainless steel wire mesh filter surface coloring. Coloring of precision etching products not only gives various colors to precision etching products, increases the variety of colors of precision etching products, but also improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of products.

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