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How To Choose The Right Screen

Dec. 11, 2019

Wire mesh supplier for your introduction: wire is the most commonly used wire mesh material.Stainless steel, although relatively expensive, can be used in some PVC production lines or other occasions to avoid rust.Nickel alloy wire mesh is used to avoid corrosion by fluoropolymer or PVDC.

In general, mesh mesh (or the number of wires per inch) is 20 to 150 or more.The mesh of the screen is thick;The mesh of 40-60 mesh holes is relatively thin;80-150 mesh mesh is very fine.

The mesh of most silk screens is square, with the same number of wires in each direction.Dutch braiding USES thick wire in the horizontal direction and specifies an even number, for example, 32X120 /in(Lin =25.4mm).The netting made by Dutch braiding method can play the role of fine filtration without setting parallel mesh in the filter device.The diameter of the mesh with the same number of mesh holes is determined according to the diameter of the wire, it is not necessary to be exactly the same. For example, the 20-mesh mesh made of 24in row spacing and 0.02in diameter is made of metal wire, and the hole on each side is o.o-lin.However, for the 20-mesh mesh made of wire with row spacing of 30in and diameter of 0.01in, the sweat holes on each side are slightly larger (0.04in), because the filtration of fine wire is not thin enough and it is more likely to block (Lin =25.4mm).In general, the filter is installed as follows: the roughest strainer to the guard plate, while the thinnest strainer faces the extruder. For example, the strainer arrangement from the guard to the extruder may be 20 /40 /60 screens, as this arrangement prevents the strainer from blocking and "blowing" impurities into the opening of the guard.

If the thinnest mesh is 80 or more screens, to prevent the screen from being blocked by the rotating motion of the molten material or by large impurities, a coarse screen can be placed in front (such as 20 screens /100 screens /60 screens /20 screens).Because the device type looks the same from both sides, a symmetrical arrangement is sometimes used to ensure that they are not reversed (20 /60 /100 /60 /20).Some processors deliberately set the screen upside-down, allowing the coarse screen to filter the upper surface of the larger particles impurities.They believe this method allows more side melt to pass through and less decomposition of material upstream of the shield.

Steel Wire Mesh Strainer Basket

Steel Wire Mesh Strainer Basket

Stainless steel wire mesh strainer basket have high strength, will not produce deformation due to pressure changes, single wire woven lubrication appearance, easy to clean, can be repeatedly used, at the same time suitable for some high impurity content of liquid filtration, dust capacity, low initial resistance, strong fire performance. Long life, economic security, low operating cost; Heavy plate structure, change cumbersome peace, easy for users to operate;There are galvanized frame and aluminum frame for selection;Can be customized according to user demand, non - standard size of equipment.

custom wire screen application scope, food and beverage, beer, wine, fruit wine, yellow rice wine, fruit juice, beverages, dairy products, edible oil, condiments and other materials liquid fine (sterilized) filtration. Bioengineering and medicine: infusion water, pharmaceutical water, plasma and serum of biological products, various pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermentation tank, yeast cultivation tank intake ventilation and other air sterilization filtration.Paint and ink: latex paint, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing ink, printing ink filtration. Paint and ink: latex paint, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing ink, printing ink filtration.Other industries: precision chemical, petrochemical, electronics, textiles, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries of various liquid purification filtration.

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