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Why Do Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Mesh Plates Need To Be Cleaned?

May. 13, 2020

Wedge Wire Cylinder supplier shares this article for you.

The material used to manufacture the wedge wire filter screen is mainly stainless steel. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the product and maximize its value.

How to clean and maintain Wedge Wire Panels?

The following is a brief introduction to help you learn more about the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel products.

Many people think that stainless steel will never rust. In fact, stainless steel does have good corrosion resistance. However, if we do not maintain it properly, we will rust. The reason is that a passivation film is formed on the surface, which essentially exists as a more stable oxide. In other words, stainless steel is oxidized according to different usage conditions and different oxidation levels. This phenomenon is often called corrosion.

In the passivation film on the surface of the stainless steel wedge wire screen plate, pitting corrosion is formed due to the self-excitation reaction, which leads to the formation of small holes. In addition, chloride ions are close to each other, forming a strong corrosive solution, thereby accelerating the corrosion reaction rate. The intergranular corrosion cracks still exist in the stainless steel wedge wire screen. All cracks will damage the passive film on the wedge wire mesh panel. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be cleaned regularly to maintain its aesthetic appearance and extend its service life.

Wedge Wire Panels

Wedge Wire Panels

Cleaning stainless steel wedge wire sieve plates is a complex task. The following cleaning steps are recommended:

You need to prepare soft towels or wipes.

Choose to buy professional stainless steel detergents, such as weak detergents, organic solvents or special detergents.

Wipe the surface of the stainless steel wedge wire mesh plate with a soft towel, and wipe it repeatedly with a slightly wet towel until there are no obvious marks on the surface.

If the surface of the stainless steel wedge wire mesh panel is dusty, you can add alcohol, weak detergent or organic solvent (ether, benzene) in warm water, and then wipe it repeatedly with a slightly damp towel until there are no traces on the surface.

If the surface of the stainless steel wedge wire mesh screen is contaminated with oil or lubricant, please clean it with a neutral cleaner, ammonia or special cleaner. Then immediately wash with clean water. Finally, wipe with a clean towel.

Long-term accumulation of stains will increase the difficulty of cleaning. Therefore, the habit of regularly cleaning the stainless steel wedge wire mesh sieve should be developed to reduce the difficulty of cleaning. In addition, since the surface of the stainless steel wedge wire mesh plate is easily scratched by metal, please be careful not to use steel balls or other similar tools to clean the surface.

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