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Don't Know What Is The Nozzle Tip? You May Be Out!

May. 20, 2020

1. Introduction to wire cloth nozzle tip filter mesh

The stainless steel nozzle tip is also called a wedge wire Nozzle Tip and a mesh cap. Different from the traditional ABS nozzle tip, due to the poor strength, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance of the ABS Nozzle Tip, especially the weakness of poor strength, the ABS nozzle tip is easy to break. It has brought hidden dangers to the safe operation of the equipment, and it will seriously endanger the safety of the system. The stainless steel nozzle tip overcomes this shortcoming. The stainless steel nozzle tip is almost not damaged and has a long service life.

2. Detailed introduction

The stainless steel wedge wire is a derivative product of the stainless steel wedge wire winding tube. The cap head is made of stainless steel trapezoidal wire and welded. The top end is added with a Nozzle Tip cover plate. Filter tank connection. It has many features such as a large adjustable range of filtration accuracy, acid resistance, alkali resistance, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, high safety factor, and so on. It is an ideal substitute for traditional ABS Nozzle Tip. The Nozzle Tip is made of wedge wire and is welded to the support rod. It is a new generation of water treatment equipment that can help users solve the troubles of the original plastic filter. Solve the problem of poor plastic filter strength, pressure resistance, temperature, aging resistance. In addition, it is safe, reliable, integrated, and inexpensive, and is widely used in the filter industry. Our filters are ideal for their combination of high strength, high opening area, and non-clogging groove design.

Nozzle tips are made of stainless steel or other alloy materials. Nozzle tip has the characteristics of non-clogging, high filtration efficiency, and economy. It has a wide range of applications in water treatment applications. Different wedge wire size and groove size can be suitable for different types of filtration. The continuous slot design makes it highly efficient and has a long service life.


1. It can be divided into Nozzle Tip and Nozzle Tip according to the process.

2. According to the length of the connecting handle, it can be divided into three types: long handle, middle handle, and short handle.

3. According to the shape, it can be divided into tower shape, hemispherical shape, plum blossom shape, disc shape, and so on.

4. There are two kinds of external wire and internal wire according to the interface.


Wedge wire sand control nozzle, which consists of a Nozzle Tip seat, Nozzle Tip cover plate, trapezoid screen with ribs, and diversion tube. The central axis of the trapezoidal screen is provided with a through-flow valve cup fixed upside down on the Nozzle Tip seat. The lower part contains the part where the upper part of the guide tube extends into the Nozzle Tip seat. The bottom and wall of the through-flow valve cup And the upper tube wall where the diversion tube is contained is provided with a plurality of pores, and a through-flow spool that can float up and down is provided on the top of the diversion tube. By setting the flow rate of trapezoidal screen, the number of round holes, the size of the aperture and the gap distance, the Nozzle Tip can meet various flow rate ratios of backwashing and filtered water flow rate in different process states.

Characteristics of Nozzle Tip:

Not easy to block.

High filtration performance.

Corrosion and rust resistance.

High-temperature resistance.

Economic and environmental protection.

Easy to install and replace.

Common types of stainless steel wedge wire nozzles:

Double Head Retention Nozzle

Single and double flow cap

Single Head Filter Retention Nozzle

Long handle wedge wire water cap

Don't Know What Is The Nozzle Tip? You May Be Out!

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