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What is the Function of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Pipe?

Feb. 25, 2020

Stainless steel wedge wire screen pipe is divided into two types: wedge wire wire sieve and Wedge Wire Panel Sieve Bend Screen.

Its derivatives include: wedge-shaped wire-wound water caps, wedge-shaped wire-wound water dispensers, wedge-shaped wire-wound middle-row devices, and wedge-shaped wire-wound resin traps.


Wedge-shaped wire-wound screen tubes are widely used in oil, gas, and water wells for sand control, and are particularly important in chemical and environmental protection industries. It is one of the most widely used filter sieve tubes used in various oil, water resources recycling and resin collection materials.

Johnson T-shaped wire-wrapped screen pipe adopts the world's most advanced full-wound welding production process, and uses special stainless steel trapezoidal (wedge) wire windings to be welded on a group of longitudinal support rods arranged in a circle to ensure its strength And service life.

Due to the use of full-program welding, not only the strict continuous integrity of the product is guaranteed, but also the ideal gap size is formed. Compared with the welding process currently widely used in China, all-welded wedge-shaped wire-wound screen pipes, water filters, water caps, water distributors, resin traps and sieve plates have smooth pipe surfaces, no production edges and burrs , The gap is uniform and does not leak fat.


1. The application of trapezoidal (wedge) wire on the filter element makes a V-shaped opening between the gaps of the screen tube. Due to the inherent advantages of the design, it can operate more efficiently than other types of filtration products, not only ensuring the smoothness of water resource filtration, but also the flow rate of the wedge wire filter pipe is three times that of the bridge filter pipe in terms of working efficiency. 9 times the slit water filter!

2. Structural advantages of wire winding. The arrangement of longitudinal support rods according to actual needs and the form of continuous gaps in the screen tube make this product have higher compression performance. The T-shaped wire and all longitudinal support rods are combined by electric welding, which is sturdy and durable, with a longer working life cycle and low comprehensive cost.

3. Large gap in the filter tube. Any sieve tube gap size with a gap between 0.02mm-60mm can be made according to actual needs to meet different application conditions.

Connection form: Since the filter element is welded with metal wire, it can be connected with various connectors such as flanges and electric welding. Wide application range and low comprehensive cost.


1. Wedge wire sieve bend screen can be customized according to the actual needs of customers with different specifications and raw materials (mainly stainless steel and carbon steel) to ensure reasonable investment and save production costs.

2. Sieve tube joints can also be made according to different needs.

3. Non-stainless steel products can be protected by galvanizing. Beautiful and clean appearance.

Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

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