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Which Is Better, Metal Mesh or Filter Paper?

Apr. 27, 2020

There has been a long debate about filters and filter paper. In our daily life, should we use metal filters or filter papers? Which filter device makes coffee better? The custom metal screen supplier will share the advantages and disadvantages of the two filter devices for you. I hope that readers can find out after reading this article.

Which is more expensive?

If considering the unit price alone, the metal filter is much more expensive than the filter paper. However, the filter paper is disposable and needs to be purchased repeatedly. If you drink a lot of coffee, the use cost of the filter paper will continue to increase. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, the perforated metal filter screen is more economical and practical.

Which one has a greater impact on the environment?

Each of us is very concerned about the impact on the natural environment. From this point of view alone, the metal filter screen has an absolute advantage. After all, the filter paper is disposable, and it has to be thrown away every time it is used up, which will more or less cause adverse effects on the environment. Which is easier to clean?

Considering the ease of cleaning, the filter paper definitely has an advantage, because, after use, you do n’t have to clean up the remaining filter paper, just throw it away. If it is a metal filter, you must clean it every time you use it, otherwise, the residual coffee grounds and grease will directly affect the quality of the coffee.

Which is better for health?

We all know that coffee is good for health, but coffee does contain some undesirable substances, such as coffee alcohol, too much intake of this substance will increase the body's cholesterol content. Fortunately, scientists have proved that filter paper can effectively filter coffee alcohol, so from the health point of view, filter paper is the best choice.

But not all filter papers are 100% healthy. The bright white filter paper is bleached, and bleaching requires many chemicals, including dioxins. Experts say that the use of bleached filter paper will cause some residual chemicals to enter the coffee, causing adverse effects on the human body.

Therefore, if you prefer filter paper, please use unbleached filter paper, which not only contains no chemical substances but also filters more caffeine.

Which one tastes better?

This is perhaps the most critical issue that we are most concerned about. The taste of coffee made with a metal filter and a filter paper is very different. First, because the metal filter cannot filter coffee alcohol, the fat content in the coffee will be more, and the taste of the coffee will be more mellow and full. If you like thick coffee, it is best to choose a metal filter.

On the contrary, the filter paper will filter out more substances in the coffee, the taste of the coffee will be brighter, and the taste will be more refreshing. But the problem is that if the coffee brewing method is not correct, without pre-wetting and preheating the filter paper, your coffee may taste a little "paper smell".

In general, if you like coffee with a more mellow taste and do n’t care how much or less coffee alcohol is filtered, then choose a metal filter; but if you prefer fresh, bright coffee, and care about the health effects, Please choose filter paper.

Some coffee machines or coffee pots can only use an expanded metal filter screen, and some can only use filter paper, so first understand the type and use of coffee equipment, and then decide which filter device to use.

Perforated Metal Filter Screen

Perforated Metal Filter Screen

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