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Product Name:

Knitted Mesh

Product features

YMX Filter aims to provide our clients with the best possible filter materials as well as filter products. We provide knitted wire mesh in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes for your convenience.

Knitted mesh uses a knitting process similar to domestic knitting machines but on a larger scale. The end product is a connecting loop of wire or fibres. It's different from a woven wire mesh. A woven wire mesh is made as a cloth with warp wires and shute wires cross together. These two different meshes use different technologies for production and therefore produce materials with different structures and properties.

Knitted wire mesh can be produced from a range of wires including stainless steel, aluminium, nickel, copper, copper-nickel alloys, galvanized steel etc. 

Knitted mesh can be produced into: tapes, rolls, ginning knitted mesh and can take on the following forms: round disc, cylindrical, ring, rectangle, oval, etc.

Product Parameter

Standard type40-100   60-150 105-300   140-400  160-400  200-570
High-efficiency type60-100  80-100 80-150 90-150 150-300 200-400 300-600
High-penetration type20-100 30-150 70-400 100-600 170-560
Damping type33-30 38-40 20-40 26-40 30-40 30-50 48-50 30-60 30-80 50-120

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