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  • SS Wedge Wire Screen Basket Strainer
Product Name:

SS Wedge Wire Screen Basket Strainer

Product features

YMX Filter supplies many kind of Wedge Wire Filter Strainers and Baskets. Our wedge wire products suit for most centrifuges such as VM, PH, TM, TWZ, FC, HSG,HF, Etc.


The Wedge Wire Baskets are mechanical self-cleaning device that were developed to meet the growing needs and demands for an efficient and economical method of removing suspended solids from mixed liquid streams. The continuous and self-cleaning effect of the rotating screens makes it possible to use higher flow capacities than those of any other type of screen thus resulting in substantial savings with respect to both investment and maintenance.

We make the Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Baskets with high quality stainless steel materials, which has corrosion resistant,high strength,acid alkali resistant,has smooth surface, non-toxic, health, environmental protection,has a long work time,etc.

Manufactured specifically for your needs in variety of apertures and wire profiles to suit particular site requirement.

All Materials and Sizes are according to your designs, drawings, or samples. OEM & Custom Manufaturing with No Risk

Application of the Wedge Wire Filter Baskets:
Polyester filtration,water treatment,oil filtration,pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry,chemical fiber industry,high temperature media filtration.

1. Backwash and Reusable
2. Uniform pore size distribution
3. Good air permeability
4. High filter efficiency
5. Heat Resistance
6. High corrosion resistance


Benefits of the YMX Filter Wedge Wire Baskets

Larger opening area
Highest slot width accuracy and high machining accuracy
Excellent surface conditions, with no fibrous hang up and free of burs
Low pressure drop and maximized flow capacity
Hard chrome coating
Special computerized dynamically balanced rotor design avoids string formation, and suitable for removing unstable impurities
High shave and stickies removal efficiency
Wide range of application 
Durable and extended operating life

SS Wedge Wire Screen Mesh Basket Strainer

Product Parameter

MaterialSS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, Duplex, Hastelloy, etc
OD Range19mm-2000mm
ID Range13mm-1981mm
Length RangeUp to 6000 mm
Slot Range20 micron to 3000 micron (Tolerance:+-5 micron)
Wedge Wire0.5x1.50.75x1.51x21.5*22x32*43*5
Support Rod1.5x2.52x31.5x2.52x31.5x2.52x31.8*2.52x32x32x43x53x63x104x72x43x53x63x104x75x63x53x63x104x75x65x8
End FinishingFlange, Metal Ring, Cross Connector, closed, etc
NoteCustomized According To Requirement

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