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Product Name:

Single Layer Sintered Mesh

Product features

· Non-Fraying Fused Meshes

· One, Two, Three, or Five Layers

· Stainless Steel Type 316

· Sheets, Discs, & Shapes

· Openings from 1 Micron

· Screens, Diffusers, Breathers, Hydraulic filters

Product Parameter

Sintered mesh laminate is a high strength porous filter material. It is made of stainless steel or other alloys. Single layer or multiple layers of woven wire meshes are permanently bonded together by an unique diffusion-bonded technique. Compared with traditional wire mesh, sintered mesh laminate provides more additional benefits such as stability and mechanical strength. Therefore, it is widely constructed as a filter medium in many industries.

Single Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate

According to the number of layers, sintered mesh laminate can be divided into two series: single layer sintered mesh laminate and multiple layer sintered mesh laminate.

A single Layer woven wire mesh a widely used for many applications. But is has some shortcomings. The single layered mesh has a tendency to fray at the edges, the edge wires may fall off. What’s more, the wires may shift and the openings turn and change the structure of the screen. These all will effect the filter rates.

Single Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate

The sintering process, combination of heat and pressure, creates molecular diffusion-welds at each and every "intersection" in the wire mesh where the wires cross over and under one-another, so as to make the wire mesh full of enhanced mechanical and filtration properties.

Single Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate  Single Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate


Specification of Single Layer Sintered Mesh Laminate
Product codeFilter rating (µm)StructureWire diameter (inch)Overall thickness (inch)Weight / sq.ft (kg)
SLSM-015200 × 14000.00280.00580.1135
SLSM-0217880 × 0.0055"0.00550.00880.0772
SLSM-0323460 × 0.0075"0.00750.01250.1090
SLSM-0427950 × 0.009"0.0090.01440.1317
SLSM-0538040 × 0.01"0.010.01470.1271
SLSM-0654030 × 0.012"0.0120.01550.1362
SLSM-0786020 × 0.016"0.0160.02380.1589
SLSM-0824608 × 0.028"0.0280.03970.1907

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