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  • Mine/Quarry/fertilizer PU Vibrating Screen Mesh
  • Mine/Quarry/fertilizer PU Vibrating Screen Mesh
  • Mine/Quarry/fertilizer PU Vibrating Screen Mesh
Product Name:

Mine/Quarry/fertilizer PU Vibrating Screen Mesh

Product features

Polyurethane is a new type of polymer composite material,belonging to high-tech products,according to the classification of it between plastic and rubber,but many of its performance is much better than the two,is an ideal material to its upgrading. compared with stainless steel mesh and rubber mesh,it has many good performance. it is the best replacement products for various industry.

Specificationgs of Polyurethane Screen:

YMX Filters provide polyurethane moulding screen mesh series,skeleton polyurethane sieve plate series,tailings dry sieve plate series.


Open area rate:28%-40%

Hole size:0.15-100/120mm



We can also produce according to customer's requirement.

Advantages of polyurethane screen mesh:

1.High screening Efficiency---2-5 times of the ordinary screen

2.Large bearing capacity---2.5 times more than rubber sieve

3.Long service life--- Can be used for six months to more than one year

4.good abration and corrosion resistance---  condition of using water or oil as the medium.

5.maintanance and replacement is low--- Hole can’t be plugged& washing-free

6.Low noise---it  has well vibration-absorbing performance

7. rational design of the screen hole---limit size of the particleswill not block mesh.

8.widely used---mining, metallurgy, coal, coking, chemical and other industries.

9. Good wet resistant performance---work on the water condition

10.Light weight and easy to install.

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