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Maintenance And Working Principle of Perforated Metal Filter Basket Strainer

Dec. 02, 2019

We are a wire screen supplier. China Anping screen world is a large screen product wholesale market approved by the State Planning Commission. It covers an area of more than 600 mu, with a construction area of 160000 square meters. It has more than 980 domestic and foreign businessmen. In 2002, the market turnover reached 3.4 billion yuan. At present, it has become the largest silk screen product distribution center in China and even in the world, and the window of Chinese silk screen industry facing the world.

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Maintenance of perforated metal filter basket strainer:

1. The core part of the filter is the filter core. The filter core is composed of filter frame and stainless steel wire mesh, which is suitable for damage and needs special protection;

2. When the filter works for a period of time, some impurities are deposited in the filter core, at this time, the pressure drop increases, and the flow rate will decrease, so it is necessary to remove the impurities in the filter core in time;

Perforated Metal Filter Basket Strainer

3. When cleaning impurities, pay special attention that the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter element shall not be deformed or damaged, otherwise, the filter installed again, the purity of the filtered medium cannot meet the design requirements, and the compressor, pump, instrument and other equipment will be damaged;

4. If the stainless steel wire mesh is deformed or damaged, it shall be replaced immediately.

Working principle of filter basket strainer:

Filter Basket Strainer

When the filter is working, the water to be filtered enters through the water inlet, flows through the filter screen, and enters into the pipeline required by the user through the outlet for process circulation. The particle impurities in the water are trapped inside the filter screen. With such continuous circulation, more and more particles are trapped, and the filtering speed is slower and slower. However, the imported sewage still flows in continuously, and the filter hole will be smaller and smaller, resulting in the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. When the large difference reaches the set value, the differential pressure transmitter transmits the electrical signal to the controller, and the control system starts the drive motor to drive the shaft to rotate through the transmission component At the same time, the blowdown port is opened and discharged from the blowdown port. When the filter screen is cleaned, the differential pressure drops to the minimum value, and the system returns to the initial filtering state, and the system operates normally. The filter is composed of shell, multiple filter elements, backwashing mechanism, differential pressure controller, etc. During operation, the turbid liquid enters into the lower chamber of the filter through the inlet and the inner chamber of the filter element through the diaphragm hole. It is an advanced, efficient and easy to operate automatic filtering device.

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