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  • Wedge Wire Type Media Retention Filter Nozzle
  • Wedge Wire Type Media Retention Filter Nozzle
  • Wedge Wire Type Media Retention Filter Nozzle
Product Name:

Wedge Wire Type Media Retention Filter Nozzle

Product features

Material: 304,304L,306,306L and so on
External diameter: 25--300mm
Standard: Non-standard, OEM, ODM
Certification: ISO9001, SGS

It is made of ‘V’ shaped stainless steel wire and stainless steel strip. Smooth filtering surface, strip gaps, ideal material for filtration. As a multiform of automatic filters ( such as automatic back washing, scraper self-cleaning, scraping disc self-cleaning, sucking self-cleaning filter), the wedge wire filter nozzles are widely used in various industries of fluid filtration.

Wedge Wire Screen Filter Nozzles are important components of ion exchange units, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, carbon towers, clay filters, media filters, and many other water and waste water treatment applications, which have multiple tiers of wedge wire screen hub or header laterals.

Wedge Wire Screen Filter nozzles are available in large diameters. Wedge wire screen laterals are excellent collectors. Also perforated pipe distributors can be added to improve back-wash distribution and increase the strength of the system.
Economical wedge wire screen nozzles can be used as collectors in false bottom (tube sheet) vessel installations.


Product Feature
Easy leakage, wear resistance, corrosion resistance,  High efficiency and high performance, Easy to move and install, Easy and convenient operation
Ming, coal, oil, fertilizer, chemical, grain, salt, environmental protection and so on. Screening of liquid and powder.


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